Room Information

Each classroom at Sunshine Playhouse incorporates the needs and developmental materials for the age of the children assigned to that room. We provide age appropriate toys and facilities within each room. The number of staff members assigned to each room is based upon guidelines from the state and depends largely upon the number of children in the specific room.

We would like to stress that children grow and develop at different rates.  In our classes you will see your child's developmental needs met through the following skills:

  • Physical Development
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Thinking Skills
  • Communication Skills

Each of our classes have a chart posted to help you better understand and map your child's developmental growth.

Infant Care (Cabbage Patch and Disney Babies)

We care for your babies as if they were our own.  Activities are designed with each baby's individual needs in mind and encourage stimulation in large and small muscle development, verbal and cognitive development, and positive social and emotional interactions.  We encourage daily communication between the parents and the caregiver.  Our goals as caregivers are to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which the children can grow.  Infants eat, nap, and play according to their individual needs.

Toddler Care (Angels, Sunbeams, and Rainbows)

Toddler activities are designed with each child's individual development needs in mind.  Diapering and toilet training procedure meet health and safety requirements for children as well as caregivers.  Classrooms are arranged to encourage children to play safely with toys both independently and with each other. We believe that through example, positive guidance, and an appropriate environment, children will thrive and learn to play cooperatively with their peers.

Preschool Care (Care Bears and Super Friends)

Our preschool classrooms and curriculum are designed to meet the physical, social emotional, and intellectual needs of the children in our care at a developmentally appropriate level. In meeting these needs, you will see a variety of activities in the following subject areas:

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